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E3… Over?

E3 comes to an end.

This actually makes me pretty sad. I’ve gone to E3 since 1996, and with the exception of 2001 and 2005, I’ve attended every one. Even when officially out of the industry, I’d be able to catch up with friends and former co-workers whereever they ended up. It was pretty much a part of my growing up.

Sure, it got crowded and crazy, and sometimes the booth was more the focus than the games, but it…. I guess it’s a little hard to explain if you hadn’t been to one before. I was 20 when I first attended E3, and the Nintendo 64 was just getting introduced in America. For someone who was still essentially a kid, it was one of the most amazing things I had ever seen. This huge convention center with people from all major companies under one roof to celebrate the love of video games.

So maybe it’s more a personal, nostalgic loss than anything else, but for what it was, it was certainly a memorable chapter in my gaming career.

R.I.P., E3 (1995-2006).

Comic-Con 2006.

I’ve been horrible about updating, I know. I’ll get more into posting again soon, once the Summer months settle in (and me, for that matter).

San Diego’s Comic-Con has come and gone. It’s funny how something based primarily on comic books and popular art is becoming a mini version of E3. Then again, the mediums go hand in hand these days.

If you’ve been to E3, you don’t see a lot of “new” here. Sure, a few announcements (like early videos of Activision’s Spider-Man 3), and cleaner builds of games still yet to be released, but it’s a nice way for the general public to see what they usually could not.

Nintendo’s booth was particularily stand-out this outing, what with Charles Martinet (the voice of Mario) present, and a lot of movies and demos that could be downloaded to DS owners. I really like how the interface of the upcoming Star Trek game is turning out for the DS. Finally, a chance to press the buttons of a starship, and isn’t that what it’s all about?

A lot of the games I’ve already seen as of last May, so it wasn’t the initial “ooh, ahh” factor, but I still Read the rest of this entry

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