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New Feature.

I’ve thought about adding new “features” (As any good game these days is known to have). One of which being sickeningly huge game rooms from collectors that make me jealous. The other….

For years, I’ve toiled over creating a “Top 100 Best Games Of All Time” list. I never could do it. Something new would come out that would catch my eye, what if I liked a game that was too obscure for only me, I was always afraid that when I finished, something else would warrant a place, and then what do I cut out of the list….

So I’ll do five games a week that really caught my attention, and think is worth someone’s time. This will go from the most popular and established games, to the obscure. From the ’70’s to today. From Atari 2600 to whatever is released. If it’s good, an eye-opener to me, or just something that redeifned how games played, I’ll make nods to various titles. And I likely won’t do all the obvious ones first. And to make it clear, I’m not going to rate compliations. It’s a skewed review. So without further Read the rest of this entry

I Am Truly Envious….

I plan to offer certain topic ideas every week to this blog, but this was sent to me by a friend, and quite frankly, I’m a little in awe:

Peter Hirschberg’s arcade.

The envy flows like fine wine….

E3 2006 Wrap-Up.

E3 2006 has come and gone. As with every year, it offers something new, something different, and this year, it really reminded me of how much of an evolving creature the video game business is. Back in 1996, Super Nintendo, Genesis, Playstation, Game Boy and the “new” Nintendo 64 were the heavy hitters. This year, it’s Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Wii, PSP and the Nintendo DS. As my 9th attended E3, this perhaps was one of the biggest evolutions.

The feel itself it different. It’s not the wild “party” atmosphere is no longer there. The “booth babe”, while still present, don’t look like the strip clubs were raided for dancing girls, with a “oh yes, we have games too” vibe around the booths. Brochures are almost gone. Want to check out their game catalogs? Go online to their press sites. Even the toys, shirts, and everything else free and collectible is a rarity. Namco had some neat Pac-Man toys, and Sony had some downloadable PSP demos (I regret not bringing my PSP).

The games and systems themselves?

If E3 is Disneyland, then Nintendo is Disney. No one celebrates their characters like Nintendo Read the rest of this entry

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